Information about the company CG LIGHTING – Korean business


Company information CG LIGHTING – Korean business

Contact Point

  • Website:
  • President: Min Mikyung
  • Contact person: Seol Dongho
  • E-mail:
  • Tel: 8225965747
  • Fax: 8225965749

The CG LIGHTING company inroduction

  • CG LIGHTING was established in Seoul, Korea in winter of 1996. Since then, CG LIGHTING has been steadily growing and expanding to new heights.
  • Today, CG LIGHTING is one of high quality and precision lighting has proved its worth, particularly in the vrious interior lighting space, and as our use of innvative techniques.
  • Our technological innovation department is continually enhancing and developong our product line to insure continous upgrade and meet our fast changing world.

Products introduction

  • CG LIGHTING specializes in LED lights of all shapes and size. It is designed to optimize individual environ-ment and deliver unsurpassed lighting quality. They provide a high end light emitting components and special materials, giving them stability and robust durability.

  • Our company offers diverse product lines which are suitable for any type of environment. It also creates a beautiful blend with the surrounding and interior design specifications. It is suitable for each individual taste and requirements.

Information about the CG LIGHTING company - Korean business

  • We are environmentally friend and very efficient energy saving quality lightings.


Information about the company CG LIGHTING – Korean business
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